Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wet and Wild

When you think of water you think of fun and wet – pair that up with sex that is usually fin and wet and you have a winning combination right? Well not necessarily. If you are thinking about getting wet and wild in the water there are a few things that you should consider.

Be sexy but be safe
If you are having sex you always run the risk of getting an STI or getting pregnant so remember to use protection. The only problem here is that condoms and water don’t mix. There is a chance that the condom can slip off and when you combine chemicals and hot water it can affect the durability of the condom. So what’s a girl to do? Remember to use a form of hormonal contraception to prevent pregnancy and if you want to jump in the deep end I would recommend only doing it with someone that you are in a mutually monogamous relationship with that you know is STI free.
Wetter doesn’t always mean better. Water can wash away a woman’s natural lubricant so try using a water-soluble lubricant like silicone based ones to keep everything slipping and sliding.

Diving in
Okay so you’ve decided to have sex in the water what now? Let’s figure out the where. When having sex it’s best to stay close to home. Having sex in public pools and hot tubs are filled with much more chlorine and chemicals that your own pools would be filled with. The last thing that you want is highly chlorinated water rushing in and out of the vagina – hello infection! If you plan to get it on in public let me recommend oral sex. You can still use a condom because one of you has to be out of the water and it can be fun and safe. Thinking of a lake or an ocean? Well salt water and sand aren’t a vagina’s best friend. No matter how careful you think you are oceans and lakes are filled with organisms, dirt and sand that can get pushed into a vagina – hello infection! When it comes to sex on the beach I’d stick with the cocktail version. Tubs and the shower can be fun and there isn’t any chlorine or organisms to get you down. The only thing to keep in mind is that tubs and showers are slippery and sometimes tiny spaces – I would recommend some anti slip treads in the shower and doing some light stretching before.

As you can tell having sex in the water can be fun but you need to take some precautions. If you are ready to get wet and wild here are some new positions in the water to try out .

There are some myths that I would like to dispel about sex in the water.
Myth # 1
You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in the water
False. Truth is that once a man ejaculates into the vagina those sperm are on a mission to find an egg and fertilize. No amount of water is going to abort their mission. Water is not a method of contraception.

Myth # 2
Hot tubs and Jacuzzis are hot so they prevent pregnancy
Erroneous. Some people think that because of the high temperatures in the hot tub the heat will kill sperm. Truth is that even though hot temperatures can decrease a man’s sperm count he is still ejaculating several million of those little guys and it only takes one to fertilize an egg.

Myth # 3
You can get pregnant if a man ejaculates into a pool
Bogus. If a man ejaculates into a pool it is highly unlikely tat a women will get pregnant. True that sperm are strong swimmers but they aren’t part of any swim team that I know. Pools and Jacuzzis have chlorine, chemicals, bubbles and other chemicals so those spermies don’t stand a chance for more than a couple of seconds out on their own. If a woman is sitting on the edge of a pool I highly doubt that the sperm will be able to swim through the water and jump through the air – Free Willy Style – and land into the vagina. I know that sounds ridiculous but I’m just trying to make a point here.

Myth # 4
You can’t get an STI in the water
Untrue. Truth is that if you are having unprotected sex you are at risk for STI’s regardless if you are floating in a pool or not.

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