Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taking a vacation

Hello Boom Boom enthusiasts...

Just wanted to let you know that I will be taking a break and going overseas. I will return in June and will get back to work. Many new posts will come every Tues/Thurs so don't fret.

Please keep your questions coming, email

While I am away I wish you sexy times and as always.. enjoy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She's got legs.....

My girlfriend has really long legs and some positions are hard for her to get into.. any ideas?

A lot of people can find it awkward finding positions that work for them especially when there is a difference in stature. Sex is all about trial and error so you are going to need a sense of humor to try something and if it doesn't work out try something else. Here are a few positions that won't matter if she has really long legs.

Lay side by side like you are spooning your partner and enter her from behind.

Guy on top
Clearly this will work because her legs won't be a factor but try and utilize those lengthy legs pull them up next to your ears or have her wrap them around you.

Doggy style
Now you may think to your self, this won't work, but the more she spreads her knees away from her body the lower she will be.

If you really want to have her on top you are going to have to make up the difference in height somehow. Try putting a pillow under your back that way you can lift yourself up to where she is. Now granted I don't know how long your lady's legs are but I am assuming that you aren't going to need a forklift to make it up to her so If one pillow doesn't work try another.

Remember as ZZ top once wisely said "She's got legs, she knows how to use them." So she has the legs, she just needs to figure out how to use them. As always... ENJOY!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Saddle up cowgirl

I love to be on top but my hips hurt really bad after awhile.

First of all Yeeeeehaw! okay there it is out of my system.

Why does it hurt?
Well, cowgirl how long is your riding session? If you do one thing for awhile (anything) you can overuse your muscles. I am assuming that it is a aching pain and not sharp stabbing pain because if that is the case then you may want to see a health care professional to make sure that you don't have a serious problem. Your hip muscles that may be hurting are your abductor muscles - the muscles that move your leg away from your body. You may see people at the gym on the adductor and abductor machine - they are usually seated and spreading and closing their legs (i call them the yes/no machines.

What can I do?
It is easy to say that stretching out before can help but I really don't see may people pausing sex to engage in a rigorous pre coitus stretching regimen. You can try switching positions - I mean how long are you up there on that horse? Try starting out on top switching to another position that does not stress your hips like doggy style, or lying side by side like you are spooning. If your partner is on top try not to go spread eagle and keep your legs closer together to relive some stress on the hips.. bonus here is that the closer your legs are the tighter it will feel for both you and your partner :)

This is actually a pretty common sexjury (sex injury). May I recommend yoga, not only will it help with your flexibility but it is a great stress reliever and quite frankly you can pick up some pretty awesome ideas for new sex positions... downward facing dog.... AWESOME! Try it out and maybe next time you can sun salutation yourself into an orgasm. As always... ENJOY!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Girl One Cup

I was at Whole Foods and I saw a Moon Cup... How does it work? Do people really use them?

Ahhh yes the moon cup or if you are feeling saucy the diva cup is an option. If you are tired of using tampons and/or pads the menstrual cup is for you.

What is it?
It's been around since the 30's and is recently gaining popularity again since everyone is trying to be "green." The menstrual cup is made of latex/rubber and is reusable. It is inserted into the vagina and is reusable for up to ten years (though most recommend to replace after a year). SO basically it is a rubber flexible cup that you insert into the vagina to collect menstrual secretions. Here's where it can get messy.... since you don't dispose of it like a tampon you need to dump out the blood, wipe clean and reinsert. When you are done with your cycle clean with hot soapy water and store away.

Why would anyone do that?
Women that use them rave about them. It is inexpensive and reusable. This is not for the woman who is uncomfortable with her own body. You need to be able to reach inside and pull it out and insert it so be friendly with your vagina. They come in two sizes and the smaller sizes are recommended for women who are 25 or younger and have no had a child. Menstrual cups cost around $25-$30 and that is a one time cost. Think about every time you buys pads, tampons, panty liners... that adds up.

So ladies go green and give the cup a try! or not whatever you like best :)