Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unintentionally Sexually Explicit

This picture was sent in by a breakfast lover. Nothing says lazy Sunday like eggs and a heaping pile of sizzling, aromatic ...PENIS?!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

And the word of the day is......

What is snowballing? I heard people laughing about it and I was lost in the conversation.

Eskimo kisses aren't the only kind of kissing they are doing in Alaska! Snowballing is when a man ejaculates in your mouth and then you spit it back into their mouth when you kiss them. I have also heard of this used when a man ejaculates in your mouth and kiss someone else pass the cum and then they continue to pass it around to different people creating sort of a larger snowball since it is mixing with saliva as well.

Just a quick note that not all guys are necessarily interested in getting a taste of their own baby batter so don't spit without warning. If this is something that you guy is into, fabulous now you have a new trick in your tool belt.


Monday, August 16, 2010


What is outercourse?
Outercourse is simply NOT intercourse. It is non-penetrative sex. Sexual activity that does not include vaginal, anal and/or oral penetration. You may be asking yourself, Well what is left? If I'm not penetrating or being penetrated is it really sex? Well that definition is up to you.

What kinds?

Frottage: Also know as dry humping. This can be with or without clothes but watch out for chafing. Nothing say ouch like dry humping in a pair of jeans.

Mammary: Some like to call it "titty fucking." It is simply rubbing your penis between a pair of breasts.

Tribadism: Also known as "scissoring" it is when two women interlock their spread legs rub their vulvas against each other (like two pair of scissors).

Axillary: Some prefer to call it "bag piping" but it is thrusting a penis into the armpit like you are playing a bagpipe.

Manual stimulation: Masturbating your partner with your hands or fingers. Either rubbing or stroking a penis or vulva.

Are there risks?
Well of course there are still risks. Any type of sexual activity regardless of what it is that involves genitals touching genitals increases your risks of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Remember that there is still a risk of pregnancy if genitals come into contact with semen.